Kamila has always been drawn to storytelling. As an only child, she spent countless hours lost in imaginative worlds, crafting stories and participating in school plays.
However, her true "eureka" moment came when she discovered the fusion of creativity and logic in 3D animation.
Despite initially pursuing an Advertisement degree and working in Marketing for over a decade, Kamila made a bold transition to 3D Animation, culminating in a move from Brazil to the UK and earning a Master's degree.
Today, as a Senior Technical Animator at Framestore, she specialises in immersive experiences, bridging the gap between Unreal and VFX Artists. Previously she worked at Ninja Theory, helping on the creation of outstanding trailers and core processes for Hellblade II. Outside of work, Kamila shares her expertise on her YouTube channel, empowering artists to unleash their creativity with Unreal Engine.