Do You Know What I Mean?

  • +10k views on YouTube (CGBros channel)
  • Exhibit in 7 Animation Festivals around the world

A 3D animated film based on interviews conducted with three British residents who emigrated to the UK as children. The film recounts funny experiences, facing racism and how the interviewees now identify regarding the meaning of nationality.

This was my final project for Bournemouth University in 2018. 12 weeks and 4 people to create this short-animation that has has being shown in festivals in different countries, including Portugal and Brazil.

Here is an edit showing the process from the storyboard to the final short.


In 2019, I was invited by the Monstra Festival to go to Portugal and watch the session where Do You Know What I Mean was going to be exhibit – in a real Cinema Screen. Definetly a highlight in my career.

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