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My intention when creating this Youtube Channel was to share knowledge as I gather it myself. There is not much content about Control Rig and Animation in Unreal online, so hopefully I can contribute with the community when creating these videos.

Here are some of my findings so far on this topic.

  • Animating in Unreal using Control Rig
  • Creating a Control Rig from Mixamo Character
  • FK Leg
  • IK Leg and Compute Pole Vector
  • Switch IK FK
  • Hide Controls automatically
  • FK & IK Arm
  • Spine - FK & SplineIK
  • Neck and Head FK
  • Colorize Controls automatically
  • Backwards Solver
  • Bake Animation to Control Rig
  • Create Controls
  • Change Colours Controls
  • Hide/ Unhide Controls
  • FK and IK Chains

Selected Works